HR News Update

CAW Supports the Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA)

Windsor area CAW locals are giving their full support to striking faculty at the University of Windsor. The faculty has been on strike since 2 a.m. on September 17.

"We have excellent relations with WUFA and their leadership and will provide whatever assistance they request," said CAW National President Ken Lewenza. "The post secondary education sector is one where we have a lot of expertise and combined with our union's influence in the city of Windsor, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our sisters and brothers in WUFA."

The CAW represents workers in seven universities across the country including support staff, operating engineers and special constables at the University of Windsor.

Please send a letter to University of Windsor President Dr Alan Wildeman, urging him to resolve this dispute and reach a fair deal for the members of WUFA.  

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