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PA Clean Indoor Air Act Goes into Effect

Effective September 11, 2008, the Clean Indoor Air Act (SB 246) prohibits smoking in most public places and workplaces, including restaurants.

"Public places" are defined as places where the public is invited or permitted, including public transportation vehicles and terminals and vehicles for hire. Also included in the ban are all places of employment, business, trade, crafts, sports, entertainment, recreation, education, and professional or volunteer activity.

Exemptions. Exempted from the new smoking prohibitions are:

  • Private homes except when used for child care or adult day care

  • Bars with 80 percent or more of sales from liquor

  • Bars in restaurants with separating walls, separate entrances, and their own ventilation systems

  • Up to 25 percent of rooms in lodging establishments and full-service truck stops

  • Designated rooms in long-term healthcare facilities and nursing homes

  • Designated smoking areas in residential mental health and alcohol and drug addiction facilities

  • Tobacco-related businesses (manufacturers, wholesalers, tobacco shops, and cigar bars)

  • Private clubs with paid memberships, elected officers, and regular meetings

  • Facilities of volunteer fire companies, ambulance services, and rescue squads

  • Designated areas of casino gaming floors

  • Designated outdoor areas at sporting and recreational events

  • Employers and building owners may declare entire facilities, including outdoor areas, as smoke-free.

Note that the Act supersedes local ordinances on indoor smoking.

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