HR News Update

6 in 10 HR Professionals Think They're Underpaid

Well over half of human resources professionals believe that they are underpaid, according to the combined results of a recent HR.BLR.com/Compensation.BLR.com poll.

When asked "How do you feel about your pay?," 60 percent responded "I am underpaid." Meanwhile, 38 percent responded "I am paid just about the right amount." Just 2 percent responded "I am overpaid."

Interestingly, respondents to the HR.BLR.com poll were much more likely to report that they felt underpaid (71 percent) compared with respondents to the Compensation.BLR.com poll (54 percent of whom believed they were underpaid).

By way of comparison, a recent Gallup poll found that slightly more than half (51 percent) of all workers claimed that they were underpaid for their work. For more details, see our previous coverage.

The HR.BLR.com/Compensation.BLR.com poll included 412 respondents.

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