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Study: Good Leadership = Better Employee Health 

Researchers have found a link between good leadership and increased employee well-being, including decreased sick leave and disability, reports the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

The researchers looked at studies of the effects of leadership on a few measures of employee health and well-being, such symptoms like anxiety, depression, and job stress.

They found that workers were 40 percent more likely to be in the highest category of job well-being if they had good leadership, whose definition includes treating employees considerately and truthfully, providing social support, and providing inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation.

The researchers also found some evidence linking good leadership with reduced sick days (27 percent reduction) and disability (46 percent reduction).

The researchers note that there haven't been a great number of high-quality studies targeting the association between leadership and employee health. However, the few good studies found an important link between the role of leadership and employee health and well-being.

The research appears in the August issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

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