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Health Company Promotes Walking, but with a 'Green' Twist

American Specialty Health (ASH), a provider of employee health solutions, recently challenged its own workforce to better its own well-being. Nearly 370 employees participated in "Go Green with Your Routine," which was designed to boost wellness and environmentally friendly physical activity.

After contributing a $20 co-pay, participants received wireless activity monitors that tracked the number of steps and miles they walked, and the number of calories burned.

Sensors were placed throughout the company's San Diego headquarters to collect the data each time an employee walked by. That information was sent to employees' personal health accounts, where they could track progress online.

The goal was to walk 150,000 steps over a month, or around 5,000 steps a day. Seventy percent of those who signed on achieved the goal. Participants were allowed to dress casually and wear jeans and sneakers during the entire month. Those who met or surpassed the goal were awarded with an earth-friendly canvas bag.

One employee walked more than a million steps. 

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