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Poll Shows Support for Cell Phone Restrictions

Eighty-nine percent of Americans say that businesses should be allowed to restrict cell phone use, according to a recent poll.

The poll was based on a report in the issue of Parade magazine describing how many hospitals and doctors' offices are prohibiting cell phones in waiting rooms, and how some restaurants and other venues are charging customers who disturb others by chatting.

No doubt about it, "cell phone jerks" are driving people crazy, especially in the workplace, says Barbara Pachter, co-author of The Jerk with the Cell Phone: A Survival Guide for the Rest of Us.

If you are receiving complaints from managers or employees, review your company's cell phone or telephone policy to determine if it should be more restrictive. Also review the disciplinary measures to be taken in the event of cell phone abuse.

Pachter suggests handing out preprinted cards, with excerpts from your company's cell phone policy, stating that personal calls are not allowed in work areas, at meetings, etc. These cards can be handed to abusers while they are talking on the cell phone--when the message is most effective.

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