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Building an employment brand: Responsibilities of a HR executive

A great work place is where each one of us wants to find ourselves in. But which is the right place? Your prospective employee will also have this question in his mind. If you want your company name to pop up in his mind, get ready, you have a great deal of work to do - Build an employment brand for your company.

Employee brand is a relatively new coinage but definitely a critical factor which will help you resolve most of your recruitment hardships. It is all about being a company where people will want to work. And definitely stressing on literally "being a company where people want to work", because unless you have a great workplace you cannot create such an image.

How can a good employment brand help me as a HR?

You will surely love it if you do not have to struggle in convincing your prospective employees about the positives of joining your company, right? Having a brand image as a good employer will help you:

  • Keep ahead in the talent war

  • Attract and induce the right kind of people you are looking for

  • Enhance your ability to get quality resumes to choose from

  • Retain your existing employee pool

  • Subsequently see a dip in employee turnover


How can I help in building the company brand?

Being in the HR space, you have the most potential to drive the company towards building its brand. Perhaps you should be the spearhead of this project. Before you start, remember that building a brand cannot happen overnight. It is a long term strategy which needs a complete look at the way your organization works.

So, where do I start? Once you get your top management convinced about your strategy, go ahead with setting your brand objective. Be clear as to what is the employment brand image that you want to achieve. This is the first step and you proceed with your internal strategies and slowly move into external promotional activities.

Encourage your senior management to support best practices in HR

Value, vision and practice have to start with the key strategy players - the top management. Get their support to implement best HR practices in your organization and you are sure you can head start to create a great work place.

Build a great work place

If salary is not the only measure of good work place anymore, then what are employees looking for?

  • Freedom of work

  • Good work culture

  • Leadership opportunity

  • Recognition for good work

  • Learning and career growth

  • Flexibility of timings

  • Challenges and responsibilities

  • Job Security Good work life and social life balance

In simple terms, be a good employer and give your employees the maximum reasons to reject another job offer and stay on with you.

Most valuable! Make your employees speak good about you

Make them feel good and they'll speak good. There is nothing like a satisfied employee who spreads the goodwill of the company by word of mouth. He is speaking from his experience and he is the best brand ambassador you can find.

Help your company develop a space in the recruitment industry

While calling for resumes, word your advertisement in such a way that you build your company brand on terms of credibility and employee welfare.

Create a public image through PR

Public relations can help you build a credible brand image through newspapers reports and magazines. Getting listed in those ‘best employers' surveys will add a lot of value.

Online strategies like press releases, newsletters, articles are also a powerful media for spreading the word of your company. Have you considered writing for blogs? You can yourself take up the PR job by blogging about your company and its HR strategies. Also make the best out your corporate website.

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